KM Exhibits offers consulting, design, and fabrication for interactive exhibit development projects, youth oriented makerspaces, and exhibit graphics. 



Hands-on Tools Experiences 

Hands-on Tools Experiences 


We have extensive experience designing, developing, and maintaining hands-on immersive exhibits.  We specialize in exhibit experiences that entertain the entire family, including interactive signage.

Anodizing Aluminum Science & Art Workshop

Anodizing Aluminum Science & Art Workshop


We provide cross-disciplinary project based learning experiences that promote STEAM education. Our team of creative makers can provide tailored programming and guidance for your youth oriented makerspaces.

Color-changing Atomic Light Chandelier

Color-changing Atomic Light Chandelier


If you need your guests to have an unforgettable experience, KM Exhibits will deliver. Wether you are looking for custom lobby experiences, interactive art, or educational signage we will develop a solution that meets your needs.

The Game of Fire is an interactive fire art spectacle. 

Available for festivals and events of all kinds.


Fuel, Oxygen, Heat, and Good Aim!  The Game of Fire is a carnival-styled interactive fire art installations. Test your showing skills for a payoff with a fiery bang! Work together with friends to hit all the targets at the same time and trigger the special effect - Teamwork!

An educational and hands-on companion exhibit is available as a learning tool to help visitors understand the science, technology and engineering behind the art.  

Game of Fire 1.jpg
Game of Fire 5.jpg
Game of Fire 4.jpg

Our Hands-on workshops will engage kids ages 4 -104!


Cold-forging Aluminum - Participants at the cold forging aluminum workshop will learn about aluminum metallurgy and express their creativity while, hammering, forming, stamping, punching and riveting aluminum.  This workshop can be tailored for participants to take home their art or work together on a collaborative piece. 

Anodizing Aluminum - The process of anodizing allows aluminum to be dyed a myriad of colors.  This workshop takes participants through the process of preparing and anodizing an aluminum keepsake while learning about the practical chemistry behind the process.  

Aluminum Wire Design - create durable weather proof designs, symbols, and shapes using anodized aluminum wire. Participants can use predesigned templates or design and create their own template.

Our educational workshops can range from an afternoon to a week.  Email to find out how to customize an art & science workshop for your school or event!


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